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Colin Bennun

Sound Designer & Engineer | Producer | Keyboard Player

Colin started making electronic music in 1986 and had his first trance release in 1994. A member of OOOD from the beginning, he plays keys and mixes the band on stage, and also offers a mastering service.

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The Stooodio mastering chain is a unique combination of high-quality digital and analog processes, developed and honed over a period of years since Colin's first commercial mastering in 2005. The intention is to make sure every track that passes through the Stooodio’s monitoring system sounds as good as possible on any sound-system, no matter what its style. For dance music/EDM or rock/metal that usually means fat, punchy and crystal clear yet still dynamic; acoustic music such as jazz or orchestral music requires a much lighter touch. No matter its style, every track is individually treated with care, precision and an ear for perfection, and is rendered and listened to in real-time to ensure the greatest possible quality and consistency. Colin works closely with his clients – sometimes from mix through mastering through to liasing with the pressing plant – to ensure their full satisfaction with the final product, and is sensitive to the individual requirements of the project. Reviewing a recent album mastered at the Stooodio, the reviewer said, ”Mastering is perfection, I feel like Colin OOOD should master every single release ever.”


• Hybrid analogue/digital mastering and mixing - all genres, all styles including dance/rock/hiphop/acoustic/electronic/vocal/instrumental etc.
• Noise reduction, audio restoration and editing
• CD assembly and master production to Red Book standard
• Manufacturer liason
• Video + sync editing/soundtrack sweetening

The Service

• Professional, personal service from an engineer with over 25 years of technical audio and production/performing experience
• Unlimited remasters (within reason!) - I'm not happy until you're happy
• Dance/club mastering a speciality
• Testimonials here


• Richard Allan RA8M mk1 infinite-baffle monitors (BBC-spec)
• Adam A7X active monitors
• Crane Song 'Avocet' - discrete class A monitor controller + mastering-grade D/A converter
• A/D/A by RME
• Full acoustic treatment
• 15 years of experience with these monitors - I am utterly familiar with the sound and response of my entire monitoring system

Mastering Chain

• Custom mastering chain developed over 10 years (and counting) of intensive listening and process selection
• Analogue compression - Focusrite Platinum Compounder
• Unique mastering process gives:

• loudness and dynamic density without overcompression
• weight and punch without clipping or distortion
• shine and presence without harshness
• increase in clarity, detail and stereo width
• warm, fat and tight bass without boominess or mud

• Mix + master together gives outstanding definition and quality of final result

Mastering Demo

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