Fabio Goncalves

Mastering & Mixing Engineer | Producer

I'm nothing like the guys bellow me as I only started about a year ago.
Hence why I offer masters for any style for only £15.
Both Johnny and Colin have very affordable prices but if you not ready to take the next step or simply would like to experience the process of...

Colin Bennun

Mastering & Mixing Engineer | Producer | Keyboard Player

Colin started making electronic music in 1986 and had his first trance release in 1994. A member of OOOD from the beginning, he plays keys and mixes the band on stage, and also offers a mastering service.

Johnny Reverb

Mastering Engineer | Producer

More info available soon...


On the left you will find experienced mastering engineers who I truly trust and recommend.

Mastering audio is a unique process that takes years to master and these guys have the proper skills and the right equipment to take your mix to the next level.

Mastering is a process that consists in getting the best possible audio resolution and volume outputted to different systems. In other words, it makes your music sound balanced in a laptop, club, car, radio, etc.

It does this by balancing the frequencies and lifting the audio signal RMS levels so that everything in the mix can easily be heard.

Altough mastering can have a big impact on how a track sounds like, it is not a magical process that will make a bad sounding mix sound good but one that will make a good mix sound great.