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Bass Gel

Bass Synth

Bass Gel is the single Bass unit taken from "Kick N Bass Gel".

2 oscillators with dedicated lowpass and highpass filters that can work separate or be combined for a highly dynamic sound, these filters can be modulated by the included LFO, by velocity and by their individual graphical filter envelopes winch are very flexible. You also have a selection of 3 different types of distortion to beef up your bass, these are Analogue Distortion, Parabolic Saturation and Overdrive.


Instead of the typical equalizers, Bass Gel is equipped with harmonic attenuators that track the main bass harmonics saving you from having to find them and giving you the peace of mind of not having to automate your equaliser parameters to follow the bass note changes.


There's also a multiband section were you can add distortion, control different band volumes and for the hi frequency band you have a dedicated chorus unit to add a nice stereo spread to the bass.


- Compressor
- Phase inverter
- Right channel phase inverter
- Mono switch
- 2 Oscillators with:
- 13 Waveforms
- Phase control
- Fine tuning (modulable by LFO)
- LP/HP Dual filters (modulable by velocity, lfo and filter envelopes)
- Dedicated multi stage envelopes for each oscillator filter
- Analogue distortion
- Parabolic saturation
- Overdrive
- Offset (+/- 50ms range)

- 3 band multiband distortion
- Chorus for hi band
- Harmonic attenuators
- HP/BP/LP Filter


Please try the demo version prior to buy the plugin to make sure it is compactible with your host.

Download DEMO