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Mind Doctors Make Acid VST Plugins

As with most of my work, I tend to release the tools I've created to help other producers and music production enthusiasts.

The Mind Doctors Make Acid Plugins are Windows only in 32bit VST 2.4 format.

This plugins can also be used in the 64bit platforms by using a software like Jbridge.

There are no standalone versions for these plugins but you can use Minihost from Tobybear Productions to achieve this.

Kick & Bass Gel + Kick Gel + Bass Gel


Kick Gel

Kick Gel is a vst kick synth/sampler for electronic dance music production. It is an highly advanced kick synthesizer created using multiple pitch and velocity envelopes that give you the ability to shape your kick in numerous ways.

Unlike most kick synths, Kick Gel allows you to fine tune its high frequency independently of its low frequency and as you change key both high and low frequencies follow the pitch, great for kick pitched effects or to make the kick follow the bass notes.

You can also load your favourite sample and repitch, filter and control its dynamics using the included envelope.

Kick Gel can also be used to add low or high frequencies to a in need kick.


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Bass Gel

2 oscillators with dedicated lowpass and highpass filters that can work separate or be combined for a highly dynamic sound, these filters can be modulated by the included LFO, by velocity and by their individual graphical filter envelopes winch are very flexible.

Multiband Distortion and a dedicated Chorus for the high band only giving you an easy way to spread and excite the high frequencies of your bass.

Bass Gel best feature is the ability to pinpoint a certain harmonic and control it's volume with high precision using the Attenuator section.

Let's say your bass is nearly perfect but there's an harmonic in the bass clashing with the song key, eq could fix this but as soon as the bass changed note a different eq setting would be necessary.
Bass Gel attenuators bypass this problem as they follow the pitch and keep those frequencies under control.


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Kick N Bass Gel

Kick N Bass Gel is ultimate kick and bass workstation.
The above synths come together in this one massive beast.

With the addition of a master section for both kick and bass with an integrated sidechain system using HighPass or Volume ducking on the bass when the kick plays, a global filter section with HighPass, BandPass and LowPass and a global envelope to make both kick and bass length the same if needed.

Kick N Bass Gel is a multi input and output plugin, you will have 2 midi channels going into this vst, one for kick and one for bass, and 2 stereo outputs going back to your vst host, having your kick and bass on separate channels to be further processed individually.
You can also choose to activate single mode winch will output both kick and bass trough one stereo channel winch in turn will change Kick N Bass Gel's internal routing allowing kick and bass to be internally processed together.


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CombinatoX is a little sample maker workstation developed with the purpose of increasing workflow for the producer who takes advantage of sample layering techniques.
It allows you to load up to 2 samples individually and use it's oscillator to add up frequencies.


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Combinatox FX

Based on the Combinatox plugin, Combinatox FX is a crazy modulation audio effects unit with an fx matrix, X/Y pads, filters and lfo's that give you many fun ways to modulate your audio signals.


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Stereo Strip

MDMA Stereo Strip is a stereo spread and enhancement plugin that takes advantage of popular techniques for spreading including pitching up the left channel while pitching down the right. It's great to treat the stereo spectrum of any audio signal.


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Basic Filter

Basic Filter is a simple filter plugin with lfo and modulation envelope. If you need a simple filter with modulation this is ideal for you.


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