Mind Doctors ON Acid

M.D.O.A. AKA Mind Doctors On Acid is a percussive, aggressive, high tech and night full on Psytrance cross.
Percussion is the main focus for this project, highly percussive leads and repetitive melodies backed up with a great background atmosphere.
Dissonant chords and horror movie style atmospheres are very common in this project.
Mind Doctors ON Acid started in 2012 and it's Mind Doctors Make Acid "Dark Side".

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Dark Symphony EP

Nightmares and scary growling sounds mixed with beautiful orchestral elements, electric guitar solos and twisted psychedelic sounds make this a Psytrance EP not to miss.

A mixture of Night Full On and High Tech Psy that will take you trough a journey of feelings and emotions so powerful that will give you chills up your spine.

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Anxiety EP

Anxiety is the theme for this EP.
Build ups that will make your heart pop, high energy all the way trough.

This is Night Full On Psytrance mixed with a taste of progressive psytrance in the middle.
Mental atmospheres and vocal samples coupled with the usual psy twisted leads from M.D.O.A.

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Kids On Lsd (Single)

Kids On LSD is a smashing single that got selected to be part of Silent Partner Records "Drawn from Reality" VA.

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Crazy Character EP

Mastered by Johnny Reverb
Skype Username: b0lt1m0r1z3d
The first EP from M.D.O.A. aka Mind Doctors On Acid is a blend of Night Full On and High Tech PsyTrance full of magical melodies twisted leads, powerful bass lines and dark atmospheres. A journey trough thought and critics of the modern world that will make you think about life itself.

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