Mind Doctors Make Acid

A melodic, mystic, high energy and intense Full On Psytrance project.
Melody and harmony play a big role in this project as it is the project's main focus.

Indian, Arabian and western classical music techniques are used as an aid for this project's compositions.
Mind Doctors Make Acid started in 2000 and it's still in constant experimentation and evolution.

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2 original and massive tunes from Johnny Reverb and Mind Doctors Make Acid, plus a remix from ManMadeMan.

The EP is up as a Free Download but with donation available, anything given will be sent to the amazing team in Nepal who are still working hard to give supplies and help to local people.

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A journey trough magical psychedelic worlds of ecstasy and wonder.

This 2 track Ep is without a doubt a master piece of psytrance with high energy and ecstatic melodies.

Twisted sounds, warming pads, tribal percussion and boosts of mixed emotions is what is waiting for you in this release.



Human evolution is a 2 track EP that focus on our evolutionary process and where we stand at the moment.
It addresses our evolutionary focus and concerns.

Human Evolution is a mind blowing ep that starts slow and progressively bursts into an intensive melodical journey trough Arabic inspired melodies played by the craziest psychedelic sounds with an underlying fat bass line that will make you cry for more.

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A critic to the world were we live in.
Illusive world is a 3 track ep that takes you trough concepts and approaches for the current world.
Full of Magical atmospheres, twisted sounds, manic guitar solos and powerful bass lines, this ep is surely going to rock your mind.

(Only £3)
(Only £4)

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We Are Infinite is a compilation with all the Mind Doctors Make Acid tracks made in 2012 and beginning of 2013.
A spiritual psychedelic journey trough Light and Darkness powered by heavy bass lines, mystical atmospheres and unusual twisted sounds.

Mastered by Johnny Reverb
Skype Username: b0lt1m0r1z3d

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The Beginning is a compilation release of remixes made by talented artists all around the globe from the original track by Mind Doctors Make Acid, "The Beginning" .

This compilation is a blend of Full On and Goa, full of wonderful psychedelic atmospheres, energetic leads and occasional hints of sitar and dulcimer giving it an oriental and spiritual feel.

Mastered by Johnny Reverb
Skype Username: b0lt1m0r1z3d

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With some help from DJ Cypher and Moonjava Mind Doctors Make Acid has created an energetic full-on release with snarling leads, bubbling bass lines, massive builds, and occasional hints of guitar.

"I hope you all enjoy this EP as much as me and my fellow DJ friends have."

1 - Permission to Fire
(Inspired in a alien attack)

2 - Evil
(The evil technology)

3 - Silent Hill
(Inspired in the brilliant Sillent Hill movie)

4 - Out of your Mind
(Due to ignorance people create bad Karma and drive them selves insane)

5 - MoonJava - I will be Back (M.D.M.A. REMIX)
(MoonJava showed me this track and I couldn't resist to remix it)

6 - Piranha (VS D.J. Cypher)
(Inspired in the movie Piranha)

Mastered by Johnny Reverb
Skype Username: b0lt1m0r1z3d

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It's finally here, "Psychedelic Isle" the first full album by Mind Doctors Make Acid.
A great piece of PsyTrance where each and every song incorporates morning and night full on.

"Finally after so much trouble waiting for a label to get their act together I decided to release the 2010 album!
All this time I have been waiting for promises of an album release that never happen due to some troubled label with who I was associating with.
Sorry for the long wait to all of you who were anxiously waiting for this album, you've probably forgot about it by now...lol, I hope not.
1 - The Forest
(Inspired in the Forest and it's natural force)

2 - Tools
(Guru Goa Gil expressed words with a lot of meaning here.

Use the things of the world as nothing but temporary TOOLS)

3 - Flying Disk
(They say a Flying Disk was spotted... Is it true?)

4 - Mental Universe
(Many Universes and Worlds exist. It's foolish to think otherwise.)

5 - No Values
(If there are no values then what is the meaning of life?)

6 - Henbane
(Inspired in a drug called Henbane used mostly by witchcraft rituals to create dark ilussions)

7 - Nature's Revenge
(Inspired by the poor mother nature that we all hurt everyday)

8 - Excessive Exposure
(Don't get to exposed to this sound)

9 - Death City
(A city where all faith is lost)

Mastered by Johnny Reverb
Skype Username: b0lt1m0r1z3d



"After weeks of tireless work we here at GoaTrance.pl are pleased to announce the first of two various artists albums. These two albums are available for free download and are crammed with modern day classics and exclusive tracks, only available on this Goa psychedelic trance album.
This VA was released by the GoaTrance.pl website!

Featuring some of the best up and coming artists from the Goa trance world today we have hand picked each track, over the two albums to showcase what is hot in the trance scene at the moment. From twisted Psy rhythms to progressive Goa beats and bass lines rounded off with some home grown chill out, there is something for every trance head."


We Take It

"We Take It was supposed to be my first album, altough this has never been released, it was played quite a lot in parties trough all the UK!
I still love some of these tracks and might bring them back to life with some remixes."



"Some of these are back from 2000 when I've started to make psy, still there are quite a few good ideas in this playlist. Not all of the tracks in the players are full lenght, for full lenght please download."