"I love to interview artists and am sure you guys love hearing about their success life stories and production secrets so help us out by increasing our interviews budget."
Our interviews budget only gets spend in travelling expenses when meeting up with the artists.

Thank you for your donations, so far we managed to interview Etcetera and Space Tribe.

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We really need to upgrade our system in order to give better broadcast quality to our viewers during our LIVE video workshops and to be able to record and broadcast big mixing and production sessions.


The following tools will allow us to use a second computer to broadcast.
We are hopping that this is seriously going to improve our broadcast capacity releasing load from our working computer where we run the big audio applications like our DAW.
The second computer for now will be our little laptop but the next upgrade will include a new main computer for bigger sessions and the main one now will be used as a streaming one.

- AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable C875 Video Input Adapter = £100
- Ex-pro® Av-pro 2 Way Hdmi Splitter Box 1x2 Port (1 In 2 Out) - Active = £20

We now have enough to buy a Splitter but will wait till we get the £120 as a splitter will be useless without the Video Input Adapter which will broadcast the image coming from the splitter.
We will keep you updated.
Thank you for your donations.

In the Pot: £20

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